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Timothy B. McCormack is a Seattle native with noteworthy international experience, having formally studied in Japan and the United Kingdom (Oxford), and has traveled to over 25 countries around the world. Mr. McCormack recently studied documentary film making at the University of Washington, received a B.A. in Speech Communication (cum laude) from the University of Washington, with an emphasis on rhetorical analysis (1994), and a Doctorate of Jurisprudence from the University of Oregon School of Law (1997) with a special certificate of study in the area of intellectual property.

Timothy B. McCormack Attorney At Law

Timothy B. McCormack Attorney At Law

Seattle Post Intelligencer Copyright Cow Column

The Seattle Post Intelligencer Copyright Cow Column is written by Timothy B. McCormack, attorney at law. The Seattle based technology and copyright lawyer writes the column to help educate and raise awareness of some of the most important economic and legal issues of our time – intellectual property. Timothy B. McCormack founded McCormack Intellectual Property Law PS.

The Copyright Cow™ column examines universal “connections” in the field of technology and law through the untold stories and perspectives of the American entrepreneur in the 21st century.

The Copyright Cow™ column is also a Post-modern, humanist story-telling approach to the column, inspired by Malcolm Gladwell (Blink and Outliers) and Steven Levi (Freakonomics).

Timothy B. McCormack, Attorney at Law

Copyright Cow™ — Defending the American Dream!

The Copyright Cow&: column focuses on the untold stories of the second largest export of the United States – intellectual property and technology – through the lenses of law, economics and society.

Intellectual property is comic books, cartoon characters, the “Book of Life” embodied in the Human Genome, medicine, technology, movies, websites, and, for example, the business of producing and distributing milk (a Copyright Cow favorite).

The Rise N Shine – A Hero’s Journey Movie Directed Timothy B. McCormack

Mr. McCormack is also a director, producer, writer, cinematographer/DP, and editor. He is an established Seattle-based business owner and intellectual property attorney by day and an independent filmmaker by night. His predisposition as a storyteller is to look for life’s universal connections and meanings in the human stories that might not otherwise be told. Tim’s first documentary film can been seen at Rise N’ Shine Movie.

A Movie to Help Kids affected by HIV

Movie Directed by Timothy B. McCormack Attorney

The “Don’t Copy This* aka “The Trade Secrets of Intellectual Property” Online Book & Video Series

Timothy B. McCormack also has an online book and video series. The “Don’t Copy This* (aka “The Trade Secrets of Intellectual Property” Online Book & Video Series (WWW.THETRADESECRETSOFINTELLECTUALPROPERTY.COM) is an online Creative Commons law online book and video series by attorney Timothy B. McCormack, the founder of Seattle-based intellectual property law firm, McCormack Intellectual Property Law PS. The Trade Secrets of Intellectual Property or Don’t Copy This* online book series is divided into chapters that will be fully published as a book when complete.

Don't Copy This* Except By Creative Commons License

Online Book Written by Timothy B. McCormack

The series is also offered under the Creative Commons license and is designed to be distributed for non-commercial educational purposes. This is a legal series. The series is good for business owners, judges, law makers, inventors and creative people such as photographers, artists and web designers. Topics range from copyright infringement liability to Getty Images demand letter type issues.

McCormack Legal Blog

A new look and reader interface makes the McCormack Legal Blog one of the coolest law firm Blogs around. The McCormack Legal Blog is a time tested and longstanding legal blog written by Timothy B. McCormack, attorney at law as part of his work with McCormack Intellectual Property PS, a Seattle intellectual property law firm working in all areas of copyrights, trademark, patent, trade secrets and unfair competition. The blog covers specific topics like copyrights for computer software to trademark law. The McCormack Legal Blog is also a helpful hub-of-information about intellectual property law, Timothy B. McCormack and McCormack Intellectual Property PS.

McCormack Legal Blog by Attorney Timothy B. McCormack

McCormack Legal Blog – A Seattle Intellectual Property Law Firm

The McCormack Intellectual Property Law Practice

Mr. McCormack’s Law Practice covers varied intellectual property issues, including copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, patents, unfair competition, licensing, litigation and related business concerns, such as: business formation, employer/employee issues, contracts and corporate governance. Accomplishments:

– Outside counsel for Getty Images, the world’s largest stock photography company, relating to unauthorized use and copyright infringement.

– Lead outside counsel overseeing special matter for Microsoft Corporation.

– Outside intellectual property counsel for Washington Shoe; assist client in developing IP strategy and enforcing IP rights worldwide.

– Lead counsel in two-plus year software litigation centered on patented compression algorithms for space-based satellite image programs used by NASA, the CIA and other government agencies. This case involved the challenged use of proprietary / patented software algorithms in a commercial software product developed originally at Los Alamos National Laboratories. This case traversed patent law, copyright law, anti-trust law and involved novel issues of trade secret law. Supervised six attorneys and four paralegals over a two-plus year period.

McCormack Legal Getty Images Demand Letter

McCormack Legal Law Firm Does Work For Artists and Photographers

– Counsel for local business, hired to procure licensing agreements with the National Football League, a Major League Baseball team, and Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. Successful negotiations resulted in licensed product. Lead counsel in trade secret litigation as attorney for Northwest Calibration Systems and Davis Inotek. Case involved theft of electronic database.

– Counsel for Lopez USA, retained to assist in product development. Work included procuring copyrights and trademarks for martial arts and fitness DVD’s featuring Olympic gold medalist Steven Lopez and development of talent contracts and model releases. Later represented Lopez USA in a lawsuit involving a non-compete contract.

– Lead counsel for retail import company Mais oui! Represented client in unfair competition, trade secret, and defamation case. Achieved favorable resolution that included published opinion in Washington State Appeals Court.

Mr. McCormack represents artists, photographers and companies like Getty Images and Gallery Stock. Learn more about attorney Timothy B. McCormack. Look for us on Facebook and Google +, McCormack Legal Blog, You Tube, Twitter, and LinkedIn! Timothy B. McCormack also has an online book and video series called “Trade Trade Secrets of Intellectual Property” or “Don’t Copy This*” that helps to unlock the trade secrets of intellectual Property law, including copyrights, patents, trademark and trade secrets.