Alfred Molon has retained the services of McCormack Intellectual Property, P.S.

by on February 26, 2013

asia-castle-3Alfred Molon, a German photographer specializing in exotic travel photography has retained the services of McCormack Intellectual Property, P.S. to enforce his intellectual property rights in the unlicensed use of his imagery.

Alfred Molon has been traveling the globe for years to provide companies access to stunning photographs of far-away locales, such as Africa, Asia, and Northern Europe. As a professional photographer, Mr. Molon’s livelihood comes from royalty payments for the use of his photos. The unlicensed use of this content negatively affects Mr. Molon’s livelihood and bottom-line.
“We are committed to ensuring that Mr. Molon’s rights are protected and ensuring that he gets paid for his work,” says Mr. McCormack. Mr. McCormack, however, realizes that the imagery may be central to a company’s website and is interested assisting companies understand how they can resolve the infringement claim and yet move forward with properly licensed content. “Bridging the gap between enforcement and education is a fundamental focus of our firm,” Mr. McCormack continues. Intellectual property rights are equally important to both parties and to the public also. For more information on Alfred Molon, please visit

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