The Changing Landscape Of Personal Jurisdiction In Copyright Claims

by on January 22, 2013

ninth-district-courtsA recent Ninth Circuit decision, Washington Shoe Co. v. A-Z Sporting Goods Inc., WL 6582345 (9th Cir., December 17, 2012) has changed the jurisdictional landscape to be more friendly to copyright holder plaintiffs. The full decision can be read here or read an article with the Seattle Post Intelligencer.

Some legal scholars are saying this might be one of the most important jurisdiction cases in the last 100 years.

The case was spearheaded by attorney Timothy B. McCormack, founder of McCormack Intellectual Property PS. a Seattle based Intellectual Property Law Firm.

Now copyright holders can file infringement lawsuits in their home state, rather than the location of the infringing company based on the sending of a cease and desist letter.

Local companies such as Microsoft, Adobe, Amazon, Getty Images and Corbis Images and others can now more adequately protect their interests on their own terms, not those of the infringing company.

The Appeals Briefs and related documents are available here:

Opinion Filed

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