Speaking Engagements

This week Timothy B. McCormack will be speaking at the 7th Annual WSBA Solo & Small Firm Conference in Ocean Shores at the Ocean Shores Convention Center. On Thursday, July 19th, 2012 he will be speaking on Technology How to Use Practice and Case Management Software To Boost Productivity and Keep You Out of Trouble. […]

Timothy B. McCormack, attorney, shares some of the “trade secrets” of technology law and disputes: Another area of development that I have seen in the area of cloud computing is on-line storage. Backup of computer systems across a firm, even if the firm is a solo practitioner with one attorney and staff, has always been a problem. Computers fail. Data gets corrupted. While there are many safeguards that can be taken to help protect business data, the most obvious is an off-site backup of the data.

Timothy B. McCormack lawyer in technology and Seattle native with noteworthy international experience: The personal computer has made it easier for lawyers to type letters themselves, format pleadings, and even communicate via email. In other ways the personal computer has increased the modern lawyer’s efficiency. Our staff is more efficient, our research is faster and, literally, we need to get up from our desk less often. And this measure of productivity is inversely proportional: the more we integrate technology into our practices, the less often we are required to get up from our desks. Beware: surfing the web does not count!

Timothy B. McCormack, attorney, shares some of the “trade secrets” technology for lawyers